Who We Are

Enterprise Oil is making a difference in the used oil and petroleum reclamation industry…

With all of environmental regulations and government control, Enterprise Oil  in Knoxville TN. has emerged as a leader in the used oil recycling and petroleum reclamation industry. Since 1984 Enterprise Oil has been taking decisive steps to establish a company customers can depend on for environmental safety and proper used oil and petroleum reclamation services. Working with federal, state and local governments, Enterprise Oil has complied with requirements of the EPA, DOT, OSHA, ADEM (land, air, water and solid waste), MSHA and other state and local agencies. Today, Enterprise Oil is a model recycling facility, continually researching and testing new treatment options.

When you choose Enterprise Oil to manage your waste streams, you set in motion an experienced team that is continuously improving.

Since 1984 Enterprise Oil has been collecting used oil and servicing generators like service stations, automotive garages, transmission shops, car dealers, trucking firms, industrial sites.

Enterprise Oil is a family owned and operated company. We currently have 5 locations:

Knoxville, Tennnessee (Main Office and Processing Plant)

Fairborn, Ohio

Nashville, Tennessee

Atlanta, Georgia

Charlotte, North Carolina

With 50 Employees and 30 trucks Enterprise Oil can service your used oil needs with ease.